These posts are vacant and can be filled at an ordinary nation meeting.

To nominate yourself or someone else, send an email to the Nation Admins at with the nominees name and which post/posts the nomination pertains to, preferably along with a short personal letter.

If you have any questions regarding any single post, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Post (number of seats)
Number of vacant seats
Number of filled seats
Short description of the post’s responsibilities.

Political Committee

Equality Agent (2)
Vacant seats: 2
Filled seats: 0
Is responsible for the internal feminist work at the nation.

Election Committee

Election committee member (5)
Vacant seats: 5
Filled seats: 0
Is responsible for conducting interviews with nominees for elected positions and for on the basis of these interviews giving recommendations to the nation meeting on which nominee to elect.

The Board

Board member (5)
Vacant seats: 3
Filled seats: 2
Is responsible for attending the nation’s board’s meetings and there act in the best interests of the nation. On the board meetings decisions about the economy and the activites of the nation are made.