Universitets- och Nationsstipendier VT21 | University and Nation Scholarships Spring Semester 2021

The application period has started!

You are eligible to apply, if you are a member at Smålands & a student at Lunds Universitet. The procedure is easy; just log in with your studentlund account and fill in the form!

More information and application form:
— https://www.lu.se/studera/livet-som-student/studiemedel-stipendier-och-ekonomi/stipendier/universitets-och-nationsstipendier?fbclid=IwAR0D0zCAmwJi3U-AdkoSfsFwKIWEQ0VGfKNfo7BgapEw7GyloSmnapkirGA (sv)
— https://www.lunduniversity.lu.se/current-students/financial-matters/scholarships-current-students/university-and-student-nation-scholarships?fbclid=IwAR1uL2I5pwMNfiF4nlaqTg9DAj000wElUup1NntxtmLrO7RMukv76AGMnJM (en)

Application period: 16 Feb. – 1 March 2021

Questions? Feel free to contact us at smalands@smalands.org or 046 12 06 80. Remember to check your spam folder when in contact with Smålands! Lycka till!