MONDAY, 4 October 2021, 18.00

Place: Smålands Pub, Smålands Nation

Kastanjegatan 7

22359 Lund

§1 Meeting is opened by self-elected chairperson

§2 Preamble
a) Election of:

– meeting chairperson
– meeting secretary
– meeting adjuster and vote counter 2x

b) Information on meeting formalia

c) Meeting legitimacy
d) Adjunctions
e) Presentation rounds
f) Determination of the agenda

§3 Reports

§4 Economy

§5 SNB

§6 Motions

a) Motion on free menstruation products for members.

§7 By-laws revision committee

a) Proposal from the by-laws revision committee.

See attachments

b) Motion for the adoption of the proposals by the by-laws revision group.

§8 Other (no decisions may be made here)

§9 Messages

§10 End of meeting


6a) Motion on free menstruation products for members.

§1 In this motion I propose to give our members an option to receive free, good quality menstruation products as a right of being a member. Perhaps the amount of money that an average person who experiences menstruation has to spend on these products is not particularly noticeable for some people who are in a stable financial situation (i.e. if you have a good stable job, receive full CSN etc). However, many of our members are not in such position and even for those who are, this is still a mandatory monthly expense that cannot be avoided. The purpose of this motion is to establish a support mechanism for our members who experience menstruation.

§2 I propose to give our members the products of the type they choose during the time of them being a member. After talking to several people who have first hand experience, the rough approximation for this project is: 2 standard boxes (30 per box) of pads or tampons (16 per box) per month per person. Both of these are going to be of the high-end brand, like “Always” or “O.B.” We will also have a slight variation between the types of pads, to be more inclusive. Some people use more, some people use less, therefore this approximation is rough, but hopefully it is sufficient for the purposes of this motion.

§3 Throughout the years, 51%-53% of our members fall into the group relevant to this motion, therefore we should have around 100-120 people to account for during each semester if our membership numbers will not sky-rocket. This means that that the total cost with this number of members should be at most about 10000 SEK per month. It is probably going to be less.

I move

THAT a) §2 is accepted as basis for this motion and the right to receive menstruation products is accepted as a membership right.

b) §3 is accepted as a basis for the budget with the ability to scale the budget if the number of members significantly increases and the 2021 budget is adjusted to include an additional 10000 SEK monthly expense.


7b) Motion for the adoption of the proposals by the by-laws revision group.

As was directed by the nation meeting in March of this year, a revision of the by-laws has been completed. That motion specified that the revision should be complete by the September nation meeting for the first hearing, and so here is the completed revision.

The goals of the revision has been primarily to modify the operational parts of the by-laws to better match the actual present day operation of the nation; secondarily to produce a correct English language edition of the new proposed by-laws; thirdly to improve issues of legibility. The primary and secondary goals have largely been successfully completed, the tertiary goal to a somewhat lesser extent.

With the primary goal, however, some issues remain, notably the confusion regarding the definition of the committee and subcommittee. Part of the reason this has not been tackled is that it would require other motions in tandem with this motion that are outside the scope of the by-laws revision.

To this motion are attached four documents: a proposal for new by-laws, and a point by point run-through of every by-law as they stand today as well as all the changes that are proposed, both are duplicated in Swedish and in English language editions. Please note that only the Swedish language by-laws proposal is formally binding, even though the English language translation is intended to accurately represent the contents of the by-laws.

In order for changes to the by-laws to be adopted, the nation meeting must pass two motions to adopt those changes, at two ordinary nation meetings at least two months and at most six months apart. As the revision group interprets the by-laws, that means that no changes to the proposal can be made at the second reading, lest the process be repeated. It is therefore desirable that any motions to change the proposal are made today – although it is of course possible to remit the motion at the second hearing, make changes, and then have new first reading.

Representative/s of the revision group will suggest to the podium that they be allowed to present the point by point revision, let the meeting decide on any changes to each point as they are discussed,and then after the whole list has been heard and any changes have been made, vote on whether or not to adopt the entire proposal as it then stands.

An alternative solution would be for the meeting to decide to remit this motion to the revision group provided that a new motion will be made to the ordinary nation meeting in October, and in the interim hold an extra nation meeting on which the point-by-point discussion is held and changes tothe proposal are made, which are then incorporated into the new proposal submitted to the October nation meeting.

The by-laws revision committee moves:

THAT: The nation meeting decide that the appended proposal for new by-laws with made changes is adopted as the new by-laws of Smålands.

THAT: The second reading of the proposal for new by-laws is determined to be at the ordinary nation meeting in Ddecemeber of this year.

/In solidarity, Smålands Nation by-laws revision group 2021