Become a member

Being a member at Smålands provides you with the following perks:

  • 50% discount at the entrance to the clubs and pubs (for the events that have entrance fee). This excludes support events, where proceeds are given away.
  • 33% discount on food at all of our events.
  • Being able to attend the nation meetings.
  • Being eligible to be elected to the positions of trust at the nation.

If you are a tenant at Smålands Nations Bostäder (SNB) in addition to being a member at Smålands you get free entrance to all of the events apart from the support events.

Membership at Smålands costs 190 kr per semester. You can become a member either by visiting our expedition during the open hours or by following the link below:

Become active

To be active at Smålands can mean some rather different things. The most common way is to volunteer every once in a while to work at our pubs and clubs or with cooking for those events, but you can also work at our cafées or in one of the political committees. You can be active just as much or as little that you feel you can handle and want to!

When you work at one of our events you are given some minor rewards! The most common choice is our own food tickets (valid at any of our events that serve food), but you can also get a t-shirt with Smålands logo, a movie ticket to either KINO or Filmstaden, a box of sodas or a handful of Club Mate.

When you have volunteered three times during a semester, you are entitled to the “Active Card”, which grants you free entry to all our events for the rest of the semester, and constitutes a standing invitation to our Active Parties, where the Nation Board works a private pub for all the active memebers. We have two, sometimes three active parties per semester.



You can apply for scholarships at the beginning and end of each spring semester, as well as the end of each autumn semester. The dates varies so keep a look out for more information in the main page or on Facebook.