Become a member

Being a member at Smålands provides you with the following perks:

  • 50% discount at the entrance to the clubs and pubs (for the events that have entrance fee). This excludes support events, where proceeds are given away.
  • 33% discount on food at all of our events.
  • Being able to attend our sport events; football, basket and yoga.
  • Being able to attend the nation meetings.
  • Being eligible to be elected to the positions of trust at the nation.
  • Being able to apply for our scholarships.

If you are a tenant at Smålands Nations Bostäder (SNB) in addition to being a member at Smålands you get free entrance to all of the events apart from the support events.

Membership at Smålands costs 195 kr per semester. You can become a member either by visiting our expedition during the open hours or by following the link below:

Volunteer at Smålands

Smålands Nation is non-profit organisation and everyone who works at our events are volunteers! As a volunteer, you get a thank you in the form of, for example, T-shirts, tote bags, food tickets at Smålands, cinema tickets, Club Mate and so on to a value of SEK 100. You sign up as a volunteer via the link below, we will then contact you when we need people and then you can say yes or no to work!

When you have volunteered 3 times during a semester, you are conidered to be an active member of Smålands Nation.

Active members get:

  • Free entry to all our events
  • Priority in our housing queue
  • Free food at all our events with food service
  • Invitation to our active parties
  • The opportunity to apply for a scholarship reserved for actives

Get elected at Smålands

Being an elected representative at Smålands can mean many different things. What all positions have in common is that they take responsibility for ensuring that all activities run smoothly! Trustees are mainly elected at the nation meetings in May and November, but we also have by-elections during the semesters. As an elected representative, you get a budget for your area of responsibility, a key to the venue and the opportunity to decide what Smålands should do! You also become a welcomed part of the family!

Trustees are counted as active and receive:

  • Free entry to all our events
  • Priority in our housing queue
  • Free food at all of our events with food service
  • Invitation to our activist parties
  • Opportunity to apply for a scholarship reserved for activists.

If you are interested in any of the items below, or want to know more about something, please contact

Pub commissar

Responsible for the Wednesday pubs by creating different concepts and making sure there are people working.

Club commissar

Responsible for the Saturday clubs by creating different concepts and ensuring the availability of a DJ and volunteers.

Liqour commissar

Responsible for staffing and fixing the liquor bar.

Rock commissar

Responsible for booking and organising live music at Smålands.

Tech commissar

Responsible for the functioning of the technology at especially live music events and is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of technology.

Political commissar

Responsible for the political activities of Småland.

Ronja responsible

Responsible for feministcafé Ronja’s events.

Kitchen commissar

Cooks for all pubs, clubs and Kalles café.

Cultural commissar

Responsible for Småland’s various cultural events, such as film screenings.

Sport commissar

Responsible for Småland’s sports events. For example, the weekly football, basketball and yoga.

Novisch commissar

Responsible for each term’s novisch period.

Propaganda commissar

Responsible for Småland’s social media and responsible for taking photos at Småland events.

Dacke editor

Responsible for the production of the Småland newspaper “DackeKuriren”.

Nation agent

Full-time work at the nation. The person is a spider in the web and has overall responsibility for administration and day-to-day finances.

Board member

Sits on the board of Småland Nation and is responsible for ensuring that the budget is respected and the organisation works.


Responsible for Småland’s accounting and financial statements.


Cleaning the pub and club space, the position is paid by the hour.

Equality agent

Responsible for Småland’s internal feminist work and handles cases of sexual harassment in the nation.



You can apply for scholarships at the beginning and end of each spring semester, as well as the end of each autumn semester. The dates varies so keep a look out for more information in the main page or on Facebook.