MONDAY December 2nd 2019 18:00

Place: Smålands venue

            Kastanjegatan 7

            22359 Lund

§1 Meeting is opened by self-elected chairperson

§2 Preamble
            a) Election of:

                        – meeting chairperson
                        – meeting secretary
                        – meeting facilitator and vote counter
                        – adjuster

            b) Information on meeting formalia

            c) Meeting legitimacy
            d) Adjunctions
            e) Presentation rounds
            f) Determination of the agenda

§3 Reports

§4 Economy

§5 Motions

            a) Motion on new post descriptions

            b) Motion about Nationsombud transition in January & February 2020

§6 Elections

            a) By-elecion Nationsombud/ Nation Agent (January – June)

                                                         See appendix for candidate list!

§7 Other (no decisions may be made here)

§8 Messages

§9 End of meeting