Become a member

What does membership in Smålands entail?

When you become a member of Smålands, beyond taking an active stand for an independent and critical perspective on today’s profit-driven society and joining a large and diverse extended family of members, you are granted certain rights. As a member may participate in and vote at our Nation Meetings, you are granted a reduced ticket price at our events, your are entitled to read the minutes from the Nation Board’s meetings, your are entitled to be nominated to and elected at elections to positions of trust at the Nation Meeting, you are entitled to claim the exclusive “Active Member Card” if you work at our events three times in one semester (which grants free entry to all our events and the right to attend our Active Parties, held twice per semester) and last but not least, you may apply for our scholarships.

You can regsiter through the TRF website, or you can visit our office.

Membership in Smålands costs 190kr per semester.

Become active

What does it entail to be active at Smålands?

To be active at Smålands kan mean some rather different things. The most common is to volunteer every once in a while to work at our pubs and clubs or with cooking for those events, but you can also work at our cafées or in one of the political committees. You can be active just as much or as little that you feel you can handle and want to!

When you work at one of our events you are given some minor perks as thanks, to the value of 100kr. Det most common choice is our own meal tickets (valid at any of our events that serve food), but you can also get a t-shirt with Smålands logo, a copy of the booklet “Röd lyser stugan” which is in Swedish and is about the history of Smålands Nation during the 1970’s-80’s, a cinema coupon redeemable at KINO and Södran or a few bottles of Club Mate.

When you have volunteered three times in a semester, you are entitled to the “Active Card”, which grants you free entry to all our events for the rest of the semester, and constitutes a standing invitation to our Active Parties, where the Nation Board works a private pub for all the active memebers. We have two, sometimes three, each semester.



You can apply for scholarships at the beginning and end of each spring semester, as well as the end of each autumn semester. The dates varies so keep a look out for more information in the main page or on Facebook.