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Nation meetings


Nation meeting

Nation meetings are the highest authority at Smålands Nation.

Unlike yearly meetings of many organizations, nations meetings are usually held once per month on the first monday of the month, every month except January, June, July and August. The Board or 18 members in union, can call to an extra nation meeting.

Only members of Smålands Nation may attend the Nation Meeting, unless adjuncted by the meeting, in which case they are granted only the right to participate and to speak, but not to vote.

Only matters included in the definitive agenda may be decided upon by the meeting, only candidates included in the definitive list of candidates may be elected to posts by the meeting.

Since a nation meeting decision in 2015, the nation meetings are done in English and since another nation meeting decision in 2021 the protocols are also kept in English only, with translation into Swedish being optional.



Smålands Nation in Lund was founded in 1668, the same year as the university was formally opened, to provide accomodation and services to students at Lund University coming from the county of Småland. At that time, the largest faculty at the university was the Faculty of Theology, and Smålands Nation housed many a priests’ sons.

That was a long time ago.

In the 1960’s and -70’s, radical politics was popular among swedish university students, and no less so in Lund. There was a strict requirement for all students to be member of a student nation, and all nations were distinctly bourgeoisie. This caused many of these radical students to feel marginalized and overlooked. In the early -70’s, they began to gather at Smålands and in 1972, a series of decisions were made by the nation meeting that in effect turned Smålands from one apolitical nation among others, into the haven for socialists, feminists, dreamers and outcasts that it has been since.

At Smålands, we organise a variety of cultural and political events, such as:

Feministcafé Ronja on Tuesdays (and the Feministcafé Ronja Book Club once per month)

Pub Night on Wednesdays and Clubs on Saturdays

Kalles Café (vegan brunch) on Sundays and the Vegan Food Café

Music events, open mics, and live gigs (including the recurring Red Note Jazz Club)

Film Screenings, lectures with STINA: the political committee, workshops, sports and games, and of course, Dackekuriren (Smålands Newspaper) and Smål Talk (Smålands Podcast), to name only a few.

Additionally, once a year we organise the KPV (cultural political week), where we host lectures, open discussions and workshops, as well as poetry readings, screenings, and music events with special guests.

Småland’s events are based on our political platform, where we take a stand on a number of societal issues. We also crave for introducing experimental cultural events as well as more mainstream ones!






Platform for Smålands Nation at Lunds University

Småland’s nation shall

  • Work free from political parties and under independent socialism to promote awareness and critical thinking.
  • Actively counteract oppression based on gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation within its own organization as well as the student world and society in general.
  • Promote versatile and innovative culture and work to meet its members’ needs for fun and social co-existence.
  • Work to strengthen the students’ influence over their education.
  • Support disadvantaged groups in the current education system and work towards breaking the socio-economic recruitment of the university and university colleges.
  • Promote education and research that is critical of the statements of state and industry by the capitalist social system.
  • Support and operate within the space that fights against the capitalist exploitation of natural resources.
  • To ensure that vegetable products increasingly replace less efficient food production and offer vegetarian and vegan food.
  • Express international solidarity with our words and actions

The platform was adopted in its current form of the May 2012 Nation Meeting, with a change decided at the Nation Meeting in April 2014.




The Board of Smålands Nation in Lund

The Board is subordinate to the Nation Meeting.

The board consists of 18 board members distributed among 15 seats:

  • 5 ordinary board members with seat each are elected directly by the nation meeting,
  • 9 members with one seat each are elected by the committees,
  • 4 members of the administration collectively hold one seat.
  • The administarion consists of 2 Nation Agents who are the nation’s authorized signatories, 1 Treasurer and 1 Vice-Treasurer.

The nation’s existing branches of activity should be represented in the Board, through the mandates appointed by the committees. The exact ditribition of the mandates among the committees are up for the nation meeting to determine.

Since a decision taken on the Nation Meeting of May 1987, the presidency of the nation is vacant. Instead, the Board shall act as a collective chairperson, curator and senior college for Smålands Nation.

The protocol for board meetings can be requested by members from the administration.

Board work
The board is responsible for carrying out the will of the Nation Meeting, for preparing the agenda of and issuing invitations to the Nation Meetings and for disseminating the minutes of each meeting, in accordance with the statutes. It has the right to make decisions about the Nation’s funds, and the venue in accordance with the guidelines set by the nation meeting. Under certain circumstances, it has the right to exclude individuals from membership or the nation’s activities.