Important: Changes on guidelines for events at Smålands Nation due to Covid-19 outbreak.

Update 27th March:

We will not be hosting any pubs or clubs until the end of April, at least. We will see what we can do about smaller events, and decisions on these will be taken separately. We will monitor the situation and open our events gradually as things get better. This is a huge blow to our economy, but with your support we will definitely manage.

If you can contribute, we will present a row of alternatives in the coming weeks. But a great support is renewing your membership, which also benefits you! –>

Update 19th March:

Due to the recent developments of covid-19 virus Smålands Nation has decided that as of the 13th of March to lower the maximum capacity of all of our events to 175 people at most. We also urge anyone who are experiencing symptoms of the virus, mild or sever alike, to remain indors and not to attend our events.

Changes to these guidelines will likely be updated in the coming week and further on from that as well, this post will be updated as changes develops. Further notices and changes will also be announced on Facebook.


SMÅLANDS NATION NATION MEETING Monday February 4th 2019 BY-ELECTIONS: Nation Agent::             ………….….. Björn Håkansson Nation Agent::             ………….….....


MONDAY December 2nd 2019 18:00 Place: Smålands venue             Kastanjegatan 7             22359 Lund §1 Meeting is opened by self-elected chairperson §2...

Motion om nya postbeskrivningar

Enligt stadgarnas nuvarande formulering ("6.1 Förtroendevaldas antal och arbetsuppgifter beslutas om vid nationsmöte.") så tillkommer det nationsmötet att avgöra alla förtroendevaldas arbetsuppgifter. Arbetsuppgifterna formuleras traditionellt som en så kallad...






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