Motion om nya postbeskrivningar

Enligt stadgarnas nuvarande formulering ("6.1 Förtroendevaldas antal och arbetsuppgifter beslutas om vid nationsmöte.") så tillkommer det nationsmötet att avgöra alla förtroendevaldas arbetsuppgifter. Arbetsuppgifterna formuleras traditionellt som en så kallad...

Motion about Nationsombud transition in January & February 2020

Smålands is facing special and very unfortunate circumstances since our Nationsombud elected until June, Mohamed, can't continue his work and has to leave Sweden due to regulations made by the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket). Smålands administration is...

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS for Nation Meeting 2019-12-02

These posts are vacant, and should according to the by-laws be filled at the November meeting. Due to a lack of candidates and as indicated by the minutes of November's meeting, the election committee has decided to call to a by-election of certain posts in December....





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