Feministcafé Ronja

intersectional – queer – anticapitalist

Feministcafé Ronja is part of the political committee of Smålands and one of the oldest recurring events at Smålands Nation (dating back to the late ’70s-’80s). Our goal is to have an intimate, political, and safe space, where we can educate ourselves and each other, discuss things that matter to us, rant, come together, and build a beautiful community. We meet every second Tuesday (so, 2-3 times per month), between 18.00-20.00 at Smålands (or via Zoom) and we organise a variety of different events, such as:
*open discussions
*workshops & seminars
*film screenings
*reading circles

There is also the Feministcafé Ronja Book Club that meets every third Thursday at Smålands.

We welcome everyone at Feministcafé Ronja – from cis hetero men to genderfluid poly people and everyone in-between. Much like the rest of Smålands, we’re feminist, socialist and LGBTQA+ friendly. However, we welcome those with differing political views as long as they come to learn and come with an open mind. This means that, by definition, we will not tolerate attitudes that dismiss, diminish, or otherwise disparage our members and visitors. We believe that feminism should be anti-racist, against classicism, pro-choice, trans-inclusive, fat positive and challenging ableism. As such, even if we’ll always encourage debate, we will not tolerate derision towards these groups. Hate speech is not inclusive. Hate speech is about purposefully eliminating those who are held as lesser than, objectified, and supressed. Therefore, hate speech has never, nor will it ever be tolerated at Ronja. If during one of our events you’re ever made feel unwelcome or under attack by anyone else, we ask that you come talk to us and we’ll look into the matter straight away.

You can always contact us on our Facebook page, or via smalands@smalands.org .