Updated 18-11-2020


  • Based on the latest restrictions from the Swedish government (announced Monday, 16 November 2020), we can no longer organize events for more than 8 people. As a result, pubs, clubs, Kalles Vegan Brunch, vegan food café, and live events are postponed until further notice.
  • Lectures, seminars, and workshops are still happening via zoom. Feministcafé Ronja is still taking place every other Tuesday with zoom links that are posted on Smålands Facebook Page.
  • We are also planning to design other remote activities, such as game nights and hang-outs. More information will be posted.

General Guidelines for members, workers, and participants

  • Keep track of your health! If you’re feeling even slightly sick, if you have any symptoms at all – no matter how mild they might feel – stay at home! It’s better to miss out on an event than to risk infecting someone from a high-risk group.
  • Follow the hygiene regulations as much as you can, to keep yourself safe and others healthy. Wash hands and use alcohol solution regularly, avoid touching your face, avoid crowding, and practice physical distancing as much as you can; you know the drill.
  • Take care of yourselves! The world is not the same place as six months ago, and this can be emotionally challenging and anxiety-inducing. If you’re feeling sad, scared, lonely, stressed, it’s all very valid! Make sure that you have a good support group, or contact the NOs or the equality agent, and we will do whatever we can to help.


  • You can come to Expen only by appointment. You can book an appointment by sending us an e-mail at smalands@smalands.org, or by sending us a message at Smålands Facebook Page. When communicating with Smålands via e-mail, please remember to check your spam folder – our messages often end up there!
  • Wearing a mask or with any type of nose/mouth cover when in Expen is really encouraged. If you are or if you have been sick, please stay at home!
  • We are always very happy to see you! However, we recommend that you think twice before coming over. If there’s something that we can take care of digitally, it’s safer for everyone.
  • Remember that both NOs are still here, every day. If you need to talk to someone, feel free to call us!

• If you wish to read more about the regulation, visit Folkhälsomyndighetens or Lunds Kommuns website.

• For any questions, comments, or information, you can always contact us via keybase, facebook, or e-mail.

Act in solidarity, stay safe!